iClicker Super-User Spotlight on Academic Integrity

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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We asked some of our super users how iClicker helped them support academic integrity in their classrooms. Here’s what they had to say:

iclicker_superhero.png“While not seeking to identify potential academic misuse, I use iClicker attendance to  promote timely arrival in class, and polling to ensure that students learn critical facets of all my courses.” -Michael Shapiro, Georgia State University

“We use iClicker in the classroom both to inform our teaching and to assess students.” -Ed Lee, Texas A&M

“Active learning is extremely important and iClicker makes this possible. More, iClicker facilitates the idea of "skin-in-the-game" with a minimal time investment by the instructor… Lastly, the fact that multiple, numeric, and short answers as well as heat maps are possible is truly a game changer as we can now break free from the constraints and mindsets imposed by multiple-choice questions.”-Mihai Paraschiv, SUNY College at Oswego

Interested in ways you might be able to use iClicker to foster an environment where students can practice concepts in a low stakes way and minimize the stress that can lead to cheating? Consider encouraging your students to use Study Tools as a way to prepare without pressure--with no work on your part! Looking for more ideas? Schedule a demo or training to discuss how iClicker could support your class.