Hear from a Peer: Tania Houjeiry Talks Transforming Education with Innovative iClicker Techniques

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Let's delve into Tania's teaching methods and her innovative use of iClicker in her chemistry classes at Clemson University.

Tania is no stranger to the challenges of teaching large classes, especially in subjects like chemistry. The struggle lies in balancing content delivery with student engagement, but she's found an invaluable ally in iClicker.

iClicker is not just any student response system; it's a powerful tool that enhances interaction and learning in her classroom. Tania uses iClicker to gauge student understanding on the spot—and the real time feedback gives her exactly the information she needs. It encourages active participation by giving students a platform to respond to questions without the fear of being singled out or judged. She also highlights the benefits of attending educational workshops, which allow educators to exchange ideas and enhance their teaching methods. It's all about continuous learning and improvement.

In a world of ever-advancing technology, Tania's use of iClicker is a shining example of how digital tools can transform the classroom experience. It fosters a dynamic and interactive learning environment, making even large lecture halls feel more intimate. Be sure to catch her in the video below for the full discussion!