Audit Your Active iClicker Courses Before Next Term Starts

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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As a best practice, we recommend performing a quick audit of your active courses in iClicker Cloud before the start of each new term to see if you’ll need to archive any courses from the previous term. Archiving a previous course will remove it from the course search results in the iClicker student app, and it will prevent you from accidentally starting a new class session in your old course.


Take a moment to look at the End Dates of the courses in your active list. If there’s anything you want to archive immediately, you can do so by selecting the course, then clicking the Archive button. Learn more about archiving courses.




If you have any end dates you wish to modify (perhaps a course that is ending well before the default end date that was auto-selected), select the course, then navigate to its Settings. On the main Course Details tab, you’ll be able to set a different End Date for the course. Learn more about modifying your course settings.




TIP: If you have a practice course you’d like to keep using for another term, you can extend the end date. You can also set the course to be unlisted, so no students would be able to accidentally select the course and join it from the app.