Announcing the On the Open Road Webinar Series

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The road to Open can be winding. We’d like to help.

Intellus Learning is proud to announce the launch of our On the Open Road webinar series! Our goal when creating our spring webinar lineup was to create a forum focused on exploring big ideas and issues in the realm of OER, as well as sharing best practices for the use and adoption of open educational resources.

Hear from top thought leaders in the OER community covering topics from best practices for implementing OER initiatives, to finding funding sources, to using open educational resources and pedagogy to improve student outcomes. A perfect fit for instructors, administrators, librarians, instructional designers, and CTL staff – you can view the full list of our upcoming webinars below. Check back for additions throughout the coming months here.

2/23, 2PM ET Implementing OER: It Takes A Village

from Jonathan Lashley, Senior Instructional Technologist at Boise State University

Calls to adopt and support open educational resources (OER) are on the rise across higher education. Because of the interdisciplinary and often abstract considerations that accompany an institutional embrace of OER, early expectation setting is important for everyone involved. In this first webinar in our On the Open Road series, participants will learn about some of the early planning and ongoing practices that have led to successful university initiatives in OER. [ REGISTER ]

3/5, 2PM ET Funding Your OER Initiative

from TJ Bliss, Director of Development and Strategy at Wiki Education

Open Educational Resources are, by definition, free to learners. Still, running an effective OER initiative to get these free resources into the hands of students in a meaningful and pedagogically sound way takes time, energy, and money. In this webinar, TJ Bliss will explore the various ways colleges and universities are financing their successful OER initiatives, including methods for internal funding and an exploration of the external funding landscape. [ REGISTER ]

3/7, 2PM ET Going OER: Eliminate Boundaries in Teaching and Learning

from Vera Kennedy, Faculty at West Hills College Lemoore and Lecturer at California State University, Fresno

Faculty are continuously searching for textbooks and materials that fit course requirements and their teaching style. Before the availability of open educational resources (OER), faculty were restricted to commercial publications designed for broad audiences with general theories and concepts across a wide array of topics. Though these resources offer relevant information and supplemental materials, they do not always meet the needs and interests of faculty and students. Adopting and creating free, openly licensed resources (OER) offers faculty the freedom to reuse and remix materials that complement their teaching style and approach based on their discipline training, expertise, and knowledge of their students. In this webinar, faculty will learn about free open educational resources, benefits of going OER, and ideas on their use and application. [ REGISTER ]

3/9, 2PM ET Supporting OER: Calling All Instructional Designers and Technologists

from Jonathan Lashley, Senior Instructional Technologist at Boise State University

As the open educational resources (OER) movement matures, questions continue to emerge about how to best support and sustain the use of OER at scale. Instructors and librarians maintain valuable partnerships for managing OER adoption but may need additional assistance when it comes to ensuring ongoing use and (re)development of resources. Instructional designers and technologists, in particular, have the skills, resources, and experience necessary to shepherd sustainable simple OER adoptions into long-term learning innovations. In this webinar in our On the Open Road series, participants will learn how those who support the design, implementation, and technology of teaching and learning on campuses might further expand the potential of OER in higher education. [ REGISTER ]

4/13, 2PM ET Valuing OER: From Student Affordability to Meaningful Learning Opportunities

from Jonathan Lashley, Senior Instructional Technologist at Boise State University

Many instructors have embraced Open Educational Resources (OER) as a way to take charge in addressing the rising expenses that their students bear en route to a college degree. Framing the value of OER around textbook cost, however, is only recognizing one of the qualities that make OER such a valuable innovation. In this webinar in our On the Open Road series, participants will learn how OER may sponsor new pedagogical strategies, dynamic learning environments, and improved student outcomes. [ REGISTER ]

View all upcoming webinars and register here.
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