3 Ways to Encourage Growth Mindsets with iClicker

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Macmillan Employee
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When a challenge hits the classroom, students with a growth mindset can thrive while other students may flail. Research shows that students with a fixed mindset believe intelligence and ability are static qualities one is born with, while students with a growth mindset believe they are dynamic qualities anyone can improve with time and effort. Using iClicker for active learning is perfect for classroom activities that encourage a growth mindset, helping students learn resilience and flexibility along with the subject matter. This month we’re offering three ways you can use iClicker to encourage a growth mindset in your classroom.

Teach your students about growth mindsets with polling questions. Students benefit from learning to identify a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Ask students if they agree or disagree with statements like “Learning comes easily to those who are gifted” or “speed and perfection are the enemy of of difficult learning”. Use their responses as a way to discuss the time and effort they need to invest in your course in order to be successful.

Create tight, honest feedback loops with truly challenging polling questions. Have you ever played a game that’s too easy? Your students want iClicker questions that have the potential to stump them. Ask questions that students routinely miss on your quizzes and exams. You can also try asking one “impossible” question each class session. It will normalise failure as part of the learning process and give your students the opportunity to surprise you!

Use iClicker Assignments to encourage students to reflect on quizzes and exams. Part of having a growth mindset is being able to for student honestly assess their own investment of time and effort in their success. Use an iClicker Assignment to ask 2-3 question where students reflect on the steps they took to prepare. These can be offered as small extra-credit opportunities after an assessment, giving students even more incentive to look honestly at their own efforts.

For more ways iClicker can be used to encourage growth mindsets, watch below.