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Dear College Success Instructor, 

As we all try to adjust to the “new normal” of academic life in the age of COVID-19, we understand that your students may struggle with some of the adjustments they need to make in their daily lives. To support them (and you) this Fall, Macmillan Learning has developed a “COVID-19 Student Toolkit,” where our authors directly address students and give them advice on how to overcome the challenges COVID-19 may throw their way. The topics covered in this toolkit are:

Summer Orientation/Bridge - Andrea Brenner and Lara Schwartz

Academic & Financial Planning - John Gardner and Betsey Barefoot

Distance Learning - Jamie Shushan

Wellness - Paul Gore, Wade Leuwerke, and A.J. Metz

Mindfulness - Elizabeth Catanese and Kate Sanchez

Please feel free to share this online resource with your students and any of your fellow instructors:

We will be supporting this toolkit with an additional unit in our College Success LaunchPads that contains instructor resources, quizzing and an iClicker Slide Deck. The videos can also be found on our YouTube Playlist, where you can upload them directly to your LaunchPad! (Directions for uploading videos to LaunchPad can be found here.)

If you need any additional help preparing your course(s) for fall, please reach out to your rep directly and/or visit our instructor resources page. This page contains content and tools to help you create powerful online learning experiences, schedule a demo with one of our learning solutions specialists, and more.

Stay tuned in the following months for more content directly from our COVID-19 Toolkit Authors on how to work with students to overcome the challenges they are facing this Fall!