Mike Markel; Stuart Selber
Technical Communication
Technical Communication prepares students to make the leap from writing in college to writing in a variety of workplace settings and contexts. Full of clear, practical advice and real-world examples from a range of sources, the text gives students practice with the kinds of writing processes and products they’ll encounter on the job. The new edition shines a light on the challenges of writing in a variety of contexts across a variety of media and continues to provide thorough guidance with new examples that prepare students to become effective, responsible communicators in a technologically saturated world.  Technical Communication is now available with Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s break-through digital platform. Achieve puts student writing and revision at the center of your course, with a dedicated composition space that guides students through drafting, peer review, source check, reflection, and revision. Developed to support best practices in commenting on student drafts, Achieve is a flexible, integrated suite of tools for designing and facilitating writing assignments, paired with actionable insights that make students’ progress towards outcomes clear and measurable. Fully editable pre-built assignments support the book’s approach, and an e-book is included.
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