ACES Self-Assessment for College Success

ACES (Academic and Career Excellence System) is an online self-assessment developed to measure strengths in 12 critical areas, both cognitive and non-cognitive. Students take ACES at the beginning and end of their college success course, and by comparing these results, they’re able to celebrate areas of improvement and identify areas for future growth.

In this webinar Dr. Wade Leuwerke, Macmillan author and co-creator of ACES, discusses the origin and the "why" behind the development of this instrument, and how ACES gives students, instructors, and administrators the data they need to succeed. You will also see a demonstration of what students will experience when taking ACES.

Table of Contents

Introduction 0:00-0:45

Discussion on ACES 0:45-11:20

ACES Demo 11:20-22:50

Q & A 22:50-31:53

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I appreciated the content in this webinar.  In particular, I agree with the focus of getting value out of a FYE class, from both the student and the instructor perspective.  Students do need to know "why" they are taking this class and what they are getting out of it.  Having taught a FYE class, I have seen firsthand students who do not understand "why they had to pay for this" and end up appreciating the content covered, for it had helped them in that first semester and also allowed them to be a part of the "community" as a whole.  

I also liked the analytics presented in the ACES curriculum.   Data for data sake is useless data; however, if the data is collected starting at the first class, the more flexible the course can be.  And this is no more true than for a FYE class, which should be "tailor-made" as much as possible for the students in the classroom.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to watch this webinar.

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