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Macmillan Employee
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Macmillan Learning has a Faculty Consultant program that might work for you.  



The Faculty Consultants talk about how they implement our products in their classes. They can speak about how our products actually work in real classes with live students.


They can talk about how LaunchPad changed their class or what students think of Sapling or how they included Achieve Read & Practice into their syllabus or how they use iClicker to engage students. So if you are thinking about using LaunchPad, we can connect you to another faculty member to learn more about what they  use in LaunchPad and why they like it. Or if you aren't sure how Sapling would fit into your program, you can talk to an Faculty Consultant about their experience with Sapling.  Or if you want to know if Achieve Read & Practice really works, you can talk to a peer about the benefits of R&P. Lastly, if you want to know anything about iClicker--active learning activities, grading best practices, or benefits of the student app & remotes--our Advocates are prepared to help out!


If you want to learn more, just comment on this post and we'll be in touch! 



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