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iClicker Engagement Sweepstakes Grant Giveaway for Teachers

Enter to win a $500 technology grant for your department or classroom!

The past year has made one thing crystal clear: engagement is vital to student success. Learning Science research shows that creating connections inside and outside of the classroom with iClicker not only helps every student - regardless of preparedness - thrive in class, but actually boosts end-of-course grades too! 

So, every month this fall, we’ll be drawing for a chance for an instructor to win a $500 educational technology grant for their department!

How to Enter & Qualify for the Grant:

To enter, all instructors need to do is use iClicker at least 3 times in a calendar month with at least 5 students — then submit a screenshot of your iClicker course history. 

Ready to go?  Learn more about how to enter, rules, & deadlines here: https://go.macmillanlearning.com/engage-to-achieve-sweepstakes

(This contest is open to anyone using iClicker, whether that's integrated with LaunchPad or Achieve, or by itself. We'd love to have you!) 

What would you do with a $500 technology grant for your classroom? 

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