December 2020 Achieve Release

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Macmillan Employee
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We just added a number of new features to Achieve in order to make your experience (and that of your students) even better in 2021. Here’s a quick recap of the changes.

Foundational Experience



  • Updates to completion status indicators in the item for instructor and students




  • If you integrate your Achieve course with your LMS, nongraded content can now be integrated in addition to any graded assignments you have integrated. 

Reporting and Insights




  • Students are now able to meet MLA and APA style guide requirements (e.g. page numbers, headers, and works cited) and access in-tool support to ensure proper documentation; instructors are able to view properly MLA/APA formatted documents as well.




  • Students can take practice and final tests past the due date without instructors having to set a late penalty. Students submitting past the due date will receive 0 in the gradebook but they will no longer be blocked from moving on to the study plan. Instructors can still customize the late penalty in diagnostic settings.




  • New gradebook categories added to a section manager will be reflected in restricted access sections



  • The help has been improved and expanded (and moved to the bottom left of your screen) to make it easier to get point of service help when you need it. 



(And if you want to know what else has happened this fall, check out this earlier article.)

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