Achieve Releases Fall 2020

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Keep track of all the updates to Achieve throughout the semester! I will update this as releases occur--and there will be a different blog post for Spring 2021 releases. 

New Features:

  • The session timeout duration has being extended to 8 hours from 4 hours
  • Instructors can view students' individual results for a diagnostic pre-test, study plan, or post-test
  • Instructors can download LearningCurve student data to a CSV file
  • "Master section" is now renamed to be "Section Manager"
  • The confirmation banner that displays when admins and customer support copy a template for an instructor course so that the banner will include a link to the course.
  • New insight cards available for student login activity and assignment score snapshots


  • Instructors will be able to preview and view results for diagnostic study plan items
  • Added a message that tells students when they reach the target completion threshold in a diagnostic study plan
  • Updated LearningCurve challenge question feature so users can identify the issue type and add an email if they want to be contacted
  • Updates to assessments made in the section manager will flow down to section courses
  • Students will no longer be able to access hidden assignments from the gradebook
  • Copying a course will retain the weighted gradebook categories of the source course
  • Empty gradebook categories won't be considered in the total course calculation
  • Draft due dates will push from the manager section to restricted access sections (right now only the final due date is reflected) - (Writing Tools Only)
  • Instructors will be able to edit a writing assignment up until the moment a student starts drafting a paper - (Writing Tools Only)
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