Achieve Super-User Spotlight on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Macmillan Employee
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We asked some of our super users how Achieve helped them support diverse viewpoints and combat bias in their classrooms. We also asked iClicker super-users. Here’s what they had to say:

usage-dicr-image.jpg“Quiet or less confident students aren't as likely to participate in Socratic method or cold calling. The use of iClicker allows ALL students to participate including those who are less confident or quiet. The inclusiveness is refreshing and allows the instructor to determine where everyone is in their understanding.”  -Candace Timpte, Biology

I adopted Macmillian course texts that provide pedagogically sound, culturally responsive, and DEI-reviewed materials. Students: 1) get introduced to voices and perspectives outside their South Dakota bubble.  2) practice inclusive communication practices and perspective-taking. 3) carry out learning in a classroom of belonging and empathy-minded communication. 4) cultivate mindfulness in how we interact with each other.” -Matthew Ingram, Communcations

“The LearningCurve [adaptive quizzing] assignments are offered to all students as a way for them to check their individual learning progress and to get additional practice geared towards their skills. This, I believe, is a way to make the class more equitable.” -Lisa Sharpe Elles, Chemistry

“With iClicker questions that students have difficulty with, I will sometimes stop class and have them discuss their answers with their neighbors and then answer again. I will sometimes use anonymous mode when asking questions that are of a sensitive nature so that students don't feel exposed by their answers. I am also using Achieve in the hopes of boosting student performance by helping students see the connections between the questions and the textbook.” -Jeff Henriques, Psychology

Want to learn more about how Macmillan content is designed with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind from the outset? Explore the Development Matters page, which describes our principles for diverse, equitable, inclusive, and culturally responsive-sustaining learning materials.

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