Achieve Super-User Spotlight on Academic Integrity

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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We asked some of our super users how Achieve and iClicker helped them support academic integrity in their classrooms. Here’s what they had to say:

digital-community-licensed-photo.jpgRather than giving limited numbers of data sets, we are able to have students use their own original data and perform calculations on their own data.” -Ed Lee, Chemistry, Texas A&M

I use LearningCurve [adaptive] quizzes, discussions, and video activities to instill effective, competent, and ethically sound communication practices.” -Matthew Ingram, Communication, Dakota State University

I personally love the adaptive quizzes in Achieve. Since each question given to students is based on their own individual performance, this guarantees that no two students get the exact same quiz. This decreases the chance of students writing these in groups and increases student understanding.” -Marissa Dahari, Molecular Biology, University of Guelph

I love how diverse the test banks are and that gives me a peace of mind when I assign material to them.” -Michael Poulakis, Psychology, University of Indianapolis.

While not seeking to identify potential academic misuse, I use iClicker attendance to promote timely arrival in class, and polling to ensure that students learn critical facets of all my courses.” -Michael Shapiro, Georgia State University

Interested in ways you might be able to use Achieve and iClicker to foster an environment where students can practice concepts in a low stakes way and minimize the stress that can lead to cheating? Consider encouraging your students to use Study Tools, which is included at no additional cost with Achieve full course solutions, as a way to prepare without pressure--with no work on your part. 

Looking for more ideas? Schedule a demo or training to discuss how Achieve and iClicker could support your class.