An Interview with Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson

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Macmillan Employee
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Listen to an interview with co-authors Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson of Exploring American Histories, 4th Edition.

Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson discuss their own histories with teaching. 

Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson discuss challenges they have had in the past when teaching history that influenced their authorial vision.

Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson discuss why they believe history is so important for students who are not history majors to take - especially in today’s polarized climate.

Nancy Hewitt discusses some ways that they have kept their text relevant to current events.

Nancy Hewitt on applications of different learning styles.

Nancy Hewitt's tips for instructors to engage their students with the text.

Steven Lawson on advice for new history instructors.

Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson on the goals for Exploring American Histories, 4th Edition