2020-A Year in Review

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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2020 is definitely a year for the books--from the arrival of COVID-19, the civil unrest as activists from all over the country joined together to support the Black Lives Matter movement, to a historical election with the first ever biracial female Vice-President -- nobody could’ve fathomed how this year would be. 

Here is a look at (just some) of things that had happened this year:

  1. Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on September 19th, 2020. She is the second female justice to be appointed in the Supreme Court and was a champion of women’s rights.
  2. Election with Kamala Harris: Not only is she the first female Vice-President, she is the first Vice-President of Black/Asian descent.
  3. COVID-19: COVID-19 upended everyone’s lives and has killed over 200,000 people in the United States as of this post. 
  4. BLM protest: One of the largest protests in recent history.
  5. Voter turnout has been the highest since the 1900 election: 66.7 of the eligible voters submitted their votes.

Despite all of the glum in 2020, there are a few noteworthy positive things that had happened this year:

  1. Supreme Court voted that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ+ from workplace discrimination
  2. Global carbon emissions dropped by 7%
  3. A win for diversity--a record of at least 50 women of color will serve in Congress this year 
  4. People have been baking bread during the pandemic--companies had a tough time keeping up with demand as flour was flying off the shelves