Webinar Recording: Unpacking the Black Box of Efficacy with Professor Chris Dede, Professor Suzanne Lane, Dr. Adam Black, and Dr. Kara McWilliams

Here is a recording of the 05/01/2018 webinar on demystifying impact research of digital tools in education and the benefits that insights can bring to educators, education, and product developers. With expert speakers Professor Chris Dede (Harvard University), Professor Suzanne Lane (University of Pittsburgh), and Dr. Adam Black (Chief Learning Officer), and Dr. Kara McWilliams (Senior Director of Impact Research) from Macmillan Learning.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction and speakers 1:22
  • Foundations: how can impact research benefit educators and education? 5:38
  • Impact Research Advisory Council: council members and their expertise 07:40
  • Professor Chris Dede (Harvard University): learning research and engineering 10:42
  • Professor Suzanne Lane (University of Pittsburgh): best practice in impact research 18:45
  • Impact research: review of common approaches 26:50
  • Macmillan Learning’s approach to impact research 29:45
  • Educational results: what results, and where to find them 39:04
  • Applying insights from impact research to improvement 43:16
  • Getting involved in an impact study 45:30
  • Questions and Answers 48:39-end

Materials referenced:
Unpacking the Black Box of Efficacy
Educational Results at Macmillan Learning

Enquiries for participating in an impact research study:

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