Webinar Recording: Mark Laumakis on Using LearningCurve in His Psych Classes

Adaptive learning is the new frontier of digital curriculum and Macmillan has been at the forefront for almost a decade with the LearningCurve adaptive quizzing program. Over 2 million students have used LearningCurve since its inception, and now we have improved it to make it better and more useful to you and your students.

In this webinar, Psychology Professor Mark Laumakis shows comparative data from his use of LearningCurve in his large lecture sections at SDSU. He and the Macmillan team also answer questions at the session’s end.

The PowerPoint slides Mark uses during the webinar can be viewed HERE

Mark's "blended learning" approach, which combines traditional and media-powered approaches, earned him an SDSU Top 25 Award, given to those who have made transformational contributions to the university's mission. In addition, he has won the SDSU Division of Student Affairs Residential Education Favorite Faculty Award for an unprecedented four straight years (2005-2009). As part of a Merlot ELIXR case study, Mark sums up his experiences: "My story is really one about how you can leverage the tools of technology, how you can design your course in a way to help students learn and at the same time make your life manageable."

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