Webinar Recording: Learning Science and Insights with Dr. Adam Black

Here is a recording of the 04/09/18 webinar on how Macmillan Learning is using user-centered design, learning science, data mining, and impact research to develop a next generation of learning solutions.
Presenter: Dr. Adam Black, Chief Learning Officer


Table of Contents: 

Intro 0:00-1:10

Why Invest in Learning Science 1:10-2:31
How We "Do" Learning Science 2:31-3:40
Co-design with students, instructors, and institutions 3:40-6:02
Learning research 6:02–10:00
Learning analytics and insights 10:00-16:44
Iterative refinement 16:44-18:22
Impact research 18:22-22:10
Summary and contact details 22:10-22:25
Q & A 22:25-43:25 
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