Toni Henderson on Maximizing and Managing LaunchPad: Optimizing the LaunchPad experience for you and your students

In this presentation, Toni will talk to you candidly – professor to professor –about how she uses LaunchPad in her classes. As a seasoned PsychPortal user and new LaunchPad user, Toni will advise colleagues on the best ways to implement LaunchPad for results that maximize student learning and engagement. With a keen understanding for faculty workload, she discusses how to optimize the student experience while maintaining a manageable self-learning challenge in this new online learning management system. In this talk she will:

  • Discuss her “Small Bites” approach - how to maximize LaunchPad and manage workload
  • Outline some of LaunchPad’s great student resources (such as Learning Curve, Video-Tool-Kit, and Summative Quizzes)
  • Illustrate how to make best use of LaunchPad’s great Tech Support
  • Demonstrate how to tailor LaunchPad to your specific teaching goals using “Documents” and “HTML pages”

Toni Henderson - Langara College

As a research psychologist specializing in interpersonal relationships, Dr. Antonia Henderson (Toni) has led a varied career bridging and intertwining academic, health, and corporate sectors. She completed her doctoral work at Simon Fraser University researching attachment patterns in couples in violent relationships. Since 2008 she has been a full time faculty member at Vancouver’s Langara College teaching Intro Psych, Developmental, Developmental Psychopathology, History, and Abnormal Psychology. Alongside her full-time teaching, her ongoing passion for animals has led her to teaching, consulting, and writing about the psychology of human/animal relationships. Her recent publications focus on the science and psychology of equine behavior.

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