Solina Lindahl on Using Technology to Engage Students (Feb. 2015)

The 21st century classroom is getting larger, more tech-laden and full of students weaned on digital devices. How should our teaching change (or NOT change) in light of this? This talk is aimed at showing how iPads, iClickers and more can engage the face-to-face large class. Included are a brief discussion of some of the more innovative (and easy) visual presentation apps, as well as a look at using iPads to do the most old-fashioned of practices: worked problems.     (Recorded during EdTechWeek, Feburary 2015)

Solina Lindahl - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Solina Lindahl has been teaching Principles of Economics for 18 years at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has used most of the online economics solutions.  She is currently working on a flipped hybrid course, using technology to incentivize student preparation and to better uncover the stubborn student misperceptions that block learning.  She uses LaunchPad in classes from 60-230 and uses it in lieu of the university’s Learning Management System for hosting her entire course content.

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