Sapling Plus for Genetics and Biochemistry Courses

Sapling Plus for Genetics and Biochemistry courses

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Friday, February 23rd
1:00PM EST

These aren’t your parents’ students so why use just your parents’ assessments? Learning Science has taught us that students can benefit from both formative and summative assessment. Come learn about how to optimize each of these assessment methods and see how Sapling Plus can allows you to easily implement them each in your Genetics and Biochemistry courses.

Hosted by Jim Zubricky

Prior to joining the Learning Solutions team at Macmillan Learning, Jim Zubricky was a senior lecturer at the University of Toledo where he won a teaching award from Apple in 2015, as well as an adjunct professor and NSF grant coordinator at Owens State Community College.  He also has an American Chemical Society-certified Bachelors in Science in Chemistry, and a Bachelors in Science in Integrated Sciences Education from Bowling Green State University.

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