Rob Lue on Innovations in Assignment Design Using Technology

Technology has transformed the ways we deliver content to our students, both in the classroom and online. Similarly it now provides new ways for us to engage students through assignments that are more collaborative, self-paced and focused on the synthesis of ideas. When these possibilities are coupled with real-time analytics on student performance and behavior, we can develop assignments that are remarkably formative for students while also allowing us to evaluate their performance. I will discuss several approaches to assignment design that take advantage of software environments such as LaunchPad.

Robert Lue - Harvard University

Robert A. Lue is a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Richard L. Menschel Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University, where he is responsible for fostering innovative teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and elevating its profile on campus. Rob earned his Ph.D. in biology from Harvard and has taught undergraduate courses since 1988, garnering recognition as one of Harvard’s foremost leaders in undergraduate education.

Rob has a longstanding commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research and serves as the director of Life Sciences Education at Harvard, where he led a complete redesign of the introductory curriculum that created some of the largest and most popular science courses on campus. As the faculty director of the Harvard-Allston Education Portal, Rob oversees the integration of undergraduate education with community outreach on Harvard’s Allston campus, and in 2012, Rob’s extensive work on using technology to enhance learning took a new direction when he became the faculty director of HarvardX. At HarvardX, Harvard’s university-wide initiative that includes the edX partnership in online education with MIT, Rob helps to shape the university’s engagement in online learning in a way that reinforces its commitment to teaching excellence and works to expand its reach and impact globally.

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