Nick Carbone on Thinking About Student Reading

Classroom reading has always been a shared experience. Students read, come to class, and discuss the reading, or, for larger lecture courses, discuss with TAs the both the reading and the lecture. New e-book tools now make it possible to move that discussion into the assigned readings themselves. As an example of this technology, we’ll use look at how the annotation tools and discussion board tools in LaunchPad can make visible the thinking about reading students do. We’ll explore assignment ideas that will help transition students from reading-via-writing (writing to learn) to writing essays, lab reports, and other discipline specific assignments (writing in the discipline).   

Nick Carbone - Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Bedford/St. Martin's

In addition to working full-time for Bedford/St. Martin’s, Nick remains active as a part-time teacher and itinerant scholar. Prior to joining Bedford/St. Martin’s, he served as Writing Center Director and WAC Coordinator at Colorado State University. He continues to serve on the editorial review board of Across the Disciplines. His next publication will be “Past to the Future: Computers and Community in the First Year Writing Classroom” in Writing in Online Courses: Disciplinary Differences edited by Phoebe Jackson and Christopher Weaver, IUP/Hampton Press forthcoming.

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