Mass Communication Webinar

In this webinar you will hear from Media & Culture co-authors Christopher Martin and Bettina Fabos about how they maintain currency in their writing and how Macmillan Learning is working with them to develop and deliver fresh content, activities, and digital tools to you and your Mass Comm students. You will see a demonstration of the robust features and resources in LaunchPad and learn about the new edition of Media & Culture directly from the authors.

Mass Communication is one of the coolest and most rapidly changing courses offered in higher education. It's also a tumultuous and exciting time in the media, and Macmillan is dedicated to providing not only the most current content, but new and innovative digital resources to help you facilitate learning in Mass Comm.

Table of Contents

Introduction 0:00-1:35

Content Updates 1:35-10:57

Expanded Global Coverage 10:57-11:54

Expanded Ethics Coverage 11:54-13:05

Writing Process 13:05-15:16

Keeping it Current with LaunchPad 15:16-27:00

Q & A 27:00-42:31

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