Leslie Garnder and Ruth S. Whitmore on Technology to Support Hybrid/Online/Flipped Classrooms in Introductory Statistics

Finding the time to create a technology rich classroom is one of the the biggest challenges facing instructors. When your hybrid-online-flipped-or traditional classroom is enhanced by readily available learning and teaching resources, you have time to focus on your other instructional and professional priorities.   

Leslie Gardner, University of Indianapolis

Leslie Gardner is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Indianapolis where she teaches a variety of mathematics and statistics courses and works with undergraduates on research projects. Dr. Gardner is a graph theorist with expertise in optimization and simulation. She has experience in the mathematical modeling of healthcare systems, supply chains, manufacturing systems, and new product development processes. She holds a B.A. degree with double majors in physics and mathematics and a minor in chemistry from DePauw University, an M.S. degree in mathematics from Indiana State University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering from Purdue University.

Ruth S. Whitmore, Online Instructor for Southwestern Community College, NC and Macmillan Education Technology Advisor

Ruth Whitmore has embraced technology in the classroom throughout her 30 + year career as a mathematics classroom instructor.  Her background in pedagogy and curricular design brought her to be with Macmillan Higher Education to help support the needs of instructors in the classroom.

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