Johndan Johnson-Eilola on Use What Your Students Do Already: Optimizing Students' Tech Skills for Communicating

Most college students feel comfortable working with information in a variety of technologies (sometimes too comfortable). They spend their lives, it seems, with their hands on keyboards or thumbs on smartphones. But often they (and we) do not think critically about how best to use these technologies to improve our communication practices. In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways of teaching students to more productively use technology in their writing practices across a spectrum of genres and media types.

Johndan Johnson-Eilola - Clarkson University

Johndan Johnson-Eilola works at Clarkson University in the Department of Communication and Media, where he teaches courses in typography and design, audio production, and information design. In addition to nearly fifty book chapters and journal articles, he has written, co-written, or co-edited books including Datacloud, Writing New Media (with Anne Wysocki, Cindy Selfe, and Geoff Sirc), Collected Works: Landmark Essays in Technical Communication, and Solving Problems in Technical Communication (both co-edited with Stuart Selber). His work has won awards from NCTE, Computers & Composition, Technical Communication Quarterly, Kairos, and the National Council of Writing Program Administrators.

He is the author of Changing Writing: A Guide with Scenarios (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2015).

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