Adaptive Quizzing: Affordable and Effective

The best investment you can make for an online component for fall classes.

Achieve Read & Practice WILL make your students more successful and prepared. It will also make your job easier because you will be able to teach the things you want to - and not spend class time reviewing what students were supposed to have done beforehand. Oh, and it will also save your students money. 

Table of Contents

Intro 0:00-1:30

Achieve Read & Practice 1:30-3:12

Kara McWilliams's Credentials 3:12-3:55

Experimental Study of Impact 3:55-5:54

Learning Science at Macmillan Learning 5:54-11:15

Study Design 11:15-19:57

The Cognitive Impact 19:57-25:22

Non-cognitive Impact 25:22-30:15

Achieve Read & Practice 30:15-42:54

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