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Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee

Why coreq? What is it? In this recording of "Orientation to Corequisite Composition," Macmillan Learning author Peter Adams and creator of the Accelerated Learning Model explores:

  • data behind the success of the accelerated learning program (ALP) corequisite composition model
  • an explanation of types of corequisite models
  • his recommendations for features of a robust corequisite model course
  • his recommendations for features of corequisite pedagogy

This recording comes from Corequisite Composition Summer Camp 2020, where instructors came together to explore practical tools and strategies to use in the corequisite classroom. To see all recordings and resources from this event (which featured almost 30 sessions!), visit this page.

Sessions at Corequisite Composition Summer Camp were led by instructors teaching corequisite composition courses from across the nation as well as by Macmillan authors, and covered broad topics of interest in five major themes: 

  • Virtual Learning: Exploring different facets of online and remote teaching
  • Non-cognitive topics: Navigating issues that may impede student success
  • Reading+Writing: Approaching reading and writing together
  • Assessment: Discussion approaches to grading and assessment
  • Active Learning: Digging into ideas and strategies for getting active.

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