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Recap of Coffee with Nutrition Authors and helpful links to learn more!!

Was delighted to welcome teaching colleagues and co-host our latest “Coffee with Nutrition Authors” with my co-author and friend, Steve Nizielski, and our Senior Marketing Manager, Nancy Bradshaw on March 23.   Attendees were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at Nutrition for a Changing World’s new digital update and online platform Achieve.   Nancy previewed a pre-built course that includes pre-class, in-class, and post-class activities and assessments for each chapter and spotlight as well as aligned AnalyzeMyDiet activities and eBook activities.   We were treated to demos of the new interactive Real World Nutrition activities that now accompany every chapter and spotlight.   See a screen shot sample of chapter 4 Carbohydrates pre-built chapter below.  And of course, a look at that our pre-graded AnalyzeMyDiet within Achieve has to offer!   Even as an author of the text, I benefitted greatly from a one-on-one demo with one of our amazing tech team – so don’t worry if you missed the Coffee hour, you have the opportunity to see for yourself all the new and enhanced features of Achieve and AnalyzeMyDiet unique to the nutrition text and course.   Here’s a few links that I hope are helpful!   Best!   Jamie (feel free to reach out to me as well! or )

Nutrition for a Changing World Dietary Guidelines and Digital Update

Getting Started with Achieve for Instructors online info and tutorials

Schedule a one-on-one demo of Achieve and AnalyzeMyDiet for yourself!

Find your Macmillan Learning representative to request a review copy of the text (print and/or online version) or for consultation

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