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Proposed legislation calls for expanded access to dietary supplements through SNAP and WIC

My students are wrapping up their second project of the semester for which they explore claims, efficacy, and safety of a dietary supplement using credible websites and medical literature (see post from 10-13-2020).  This project not only provides opportunity to learn about a particular supplement, but exposes them to the challenges and questions surrounding supplement regulation and recommendations.  This week during "live" office hours I plan to share the recently proposed Congressional legislation to expand access to dietary supplements via programs like SNAP, WIC, HSAs and FSAs for discussion.  Currently neither SNAP nor WIC allow participants to purchase dietary supplements through the programs.   Interesting proposal that will no doubt generate discussion and debate among health professionals, health organizations, policy makers, and industry representatives.   This proposed legislation certainly brings questions and concerns to my mind!   Read more here:

And in looking for more on this proposed legislation, I came across this 3/9/2021 article that reports a 12% increase in supplement sales in 2020 alone - and a call for more government focus on supplement regulation, industry practices, and consumer protection. 

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