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Nutrition news sources for faculty and students - where do you find your nutrition news?

Nutrition is an evolving science with new research and recommendations frequently making headlines in the news.  Early in the semester I suggest students sign up for the Nutrition and Dietetics SmartBrief and also share several other credible media/news sources to follow nutrition news.   I also make use of these resources to help stay abreast of new studies and what's trending to help keep lectures and student discussions current - and to have some familiarity with what students might be seeing in the news and social media.  Below are several websites with links to current nutrition related news and research.  Many of the articles include links to the journal article or scientific/health organization press release.  I also started my own Educational Facebook page called Jamie Pope Nutrition Prof where I share a weekly post with nutrition news that I think might be of interest to students, colleagues, friends and family.  Please share any additional nutrition news resources you've found helpful!   Best - Jamie

Nutrition and Dietetics SmartBrief (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)  

Medical New Today  Diet/Nutrition

ScienceDaily Nutrition News


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