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List of nutrition and health websites and links - what others do you share with students?

After considering all the external nutrition related websites my students visited as part of assignments and activities across the weeks of a semester, I decided to put together a list as a hopefully handy document.   One goal of the introductory nutrition course is to expose and acquaint students with the many and varied credible web-based resources available to them - that they explore during the course, but can recall and refer to after the course.   These are integrated into weekly activities with specific questions that require accessing and engaging on the sites.   Many of the students are future health professionals so it is valuable, for example, to explore the NIH vitamin and mineral factsheets with quiz-based questions related to the Health Professional version of a fact sheet.   Or to visit the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society to access disease risk tools or skim the nutrition resources available at these websites.  Might just help steer them to evidence-based information instead of just Googling for answers.  🙂  I was surprised at the number and variety of websites once I consolidated them on the attached!   You likely have additional helpful sites - use the reply link below to share!   

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