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Faculty Focus - Coteaching: A Formula for Learning From and With Colleagues

Whether you are sharing teaching responsibilities with another instructor or teaching one or more sections of the same course alongside other faculty, this Faculty Focus article has some helpful insights for creating a collaborative experience that benefits both the educators and learners.   I’ve cotaught a large introductory course a few of my 40+ semesters –initially alongside my predecessor and most recently to orient my successor.  Both situations had their challenges in workload distribution, student communications, approach, and willingness to give more than the minimum.   Admittedly, I prefer solo teaching, but that is likely because I feel such ownership and accountability for student experience and learning outcomes – and my own need to control what and how content is taught.   As my university only had one section of introductory nutrition, I haven’t experienced teaching the same course with multiple sections, but imagine it requires collaboration for consistency and expectations.   We can all learn from one another and benefit from the unique strengths and experience each educator brings to the face-to-face, remote, or hybrid classroom.   This Nutrition Community can help us connect and collaborate!   What are you thoughts or experiences in coteaching?  

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