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ACHIEVE for Nutrition for a Changing World includes enhanced, auto-graded AnalyzeMyDiet!

Do you assign a diet analysis project as part of your nutrition course?   More than 20 years ago I had students using food composition books and product labels to examine food and nutrient intake by hand - then not so very long ago, students were able to use online databases for assessing intake while completing worksheets or written projects.  Grading these projects - sometimes for hundreds of students - required many hours of instructor and teaching associate time to check answers and provide feedback.  AnalyzeMyDiet is not only auto graded, but provides answer specific feedback if a student makes a mistake.   Instructors also have access to visual analytics and student's entries in real time.   

Nutrition for Changing World offers AnalyzeMyDiet through its online Achieve platform. Updated with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, Nutrition for a Changing World, Second Edition is available in Macmillan Learning’s breakthrough online platform, Achieve—a comprehensive set of interconnected teaching and assessment tools co-designed with instructors and students using a foundation of learning research and rigorous testing.   

Why do instructors like AnalyzeMyDiet?  It provides both a diet tracker and personalized, auto-graded diet analysis activities, freeing instructors from hand-grading diet analysis projects.  Our database of over 50,000 USDA and brand-name foods makes it easy for students to track their intake and physical activity. A comprehensive set of reports includes an all-in-one “Combination Report” with all data in one file for easy use.

New auto-graded AnalyzeMyDiet activities are now further enhanced:

  • Ability for students to make initial data table edits/corrections.
  • Ability to have students perform a numerical calculation on the auto-graded activity.
  • Answer-specific feedback on questions; now, if a student makes a mistake, they can get feedback to send them in the right direction.

And much more!   You can learn more about Achieve and see all that AnalyzeMyDiet can do for you and your students -  schedule a one-on-one demonstration here!  Scroll down to Achieve Demo for Nutrition.   

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