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2021 IFIC Food and Health Survey findings released

I am particularly intrigued by the influences and trends in American eating patterns over time - and these are interesting to share with students in context of current food related beliefs and practices.  For the past 16 years the International Food and Information Council (IFIC) has conducted an annual Food and Health Survey that considers consumer attitudes and practices about diet and food choice.  Among the 2021 survey findings, respondents are yearning for a return to "normalcy" in regards to food choice and eating practices. People are excited to be able to return to restaurants. Online food purchases increased again in the 2021 survey. I was encouraged to see that there is a trend (albeit modest) towards the definition of "healthy" determined by what a food provides (vegetables, fruit, fiber, protein) rather than what it doesn't contain (gluten, GMOs, etc.). You may find a summary of the survey results helpful.  Interested to hear your take on the findings or how you might incorporate into your lecture launchers!   Use "Reply" below.

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