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Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds

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A previous research article reported poorer outcomes for ICU patients, particularly the elderly, who were vitamin D deficient. A new study now reports that being vitamin D deficient appears to increase risk of getting COVID and impact how severe the case of COVID might be. The indication for supplementation has many considerations, individual dietary adequacy being one of them. See my earlier post about who might be at risk for sub optimal vitamin D status and might warrant supplementation, but also consider that it is difficult for any of us to obtain sufficient vitamin D through food and diet alone. Personally, I take a vitamin D supplement of 2,000 IU several times per week. And as many of us enter fall and winter months, we might not be getting much regular sun exposure - recall vitamin D can be synthesized by exposure of your skin to UV light, but we all still need dietary sources.


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