New slides for introducing the 2020 Dietary Guidelines

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I'll be introducing my students to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans as an update to the 2015 edition.  With this in mind, I adapted and expanded upon "The Top Ten Things to Know about the 2020-2025 DGA" resource into 27 slides. I've provided the link to the slides as well as a 15 minute narrated version (done on my home computer for my class - but generic).  Seemed a good way to address what's new in approach in the newest DGA edition.   In addition, using the 4 Overarching Guidelines as the focus with highlights from the 148-page Dietary Guidelines pdf, I put together a 40 slide presentation (no narrated version).   Below are the links - feel free to download, adapt for your classes, and use!   Hope to see you at our Faculty Chat this Wednesday, March 3 at 1pm Eastern - see post below for more info and to register!   Best, Jamie

2020 DGA Top Ten Things to Know slides

2020 DGA Top Ten Things to Know slides 15 min narrated by Jamie PPTX 

2020 DGA Four Overarching Guidelines slides

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