Solina Lindahl


Solina Lindahl

Department: Economics

School: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA)

Product: Achieve

How do you use Achieve?  I use Achieve to hold students accountable for their preparation - and to meet the variety of needs in my large classes. Each day I assign video tutorials with accompanying pre-lecture quizzes and bridge questions that require students to justify their answers (which helps me to recognize mis-perceptions.)  They also complete a credit-no credit adaptive learning quiz each time there is a new chapter to make sure they are all prepared at a base level. This allows me to cover mis-perceptions and more complex problems and applications in class, plus it gives more support and feedback to weaker students. Weekly I assign longer and more analytical homework questions especially graphing ones (these are foolproof in Achieve).  All of this has helped me transition to a more active learning large classroom.

Advice on using technology with students: One piece of advice: Frame (and remind often) WHY you're using technology, especially if you're using it intensively.  Also, make sure to be clear about your policies for late work, tech failures etc. up front. Make sure to walk them through the site in class; I think they know less about tech than we assume.

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