Help Your Students "Learn About LaunchPad" (A First Homework Assignment)

Biology 1010: Concepts in Biology                                      NAME___________________________


HOMEWORK # 1_: Learning About Launch Pad

INTRODUCTION:  LaunchPad is the online component for Biology for a Changing World. It offers many opportunities to enhance your learning and
to assist you as you study for Biology 1010 throughout the semester. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with many of the sections of LaunchPad
so you will be comfortable using this tool.


1. Open your Launch Pad Welcome Screen.

2. Go to each section of Launchpad as directed and answer the questions.

Part 1:
Exploring the Welcome Screen

1. The Welcome Screen is your home page. It is divided into 3 main sections with an introduction 

            a. List the main sections of the Welcome Screen





            b. How many assignments are due next week?    ____________


            c. What is the date of your first quiz? What chapters does it cover? Where did you find this information?

            d. Name the most recent Scientific American article posted. Give the source. Click on the article. Read it quickly. What is it about?


Part 2:  Looking
at the Launch Pad Main Screen

1. Click on the ENTER COURSE button on the Welcome Screen.

            a. How many assignments are due in the next seven days? ___________

            The buttons on the gray bar give you quick access to many of the areas within LaunchPad

            b. If you wanted to determine if you had an assignment due on February 19th, what could you do?


            c. Name two additional places on the LaunchPad website that have direct access from the main screen.

            d.  If you lost the paper copy of your syllabus that was handed out in class, what could you do to get another copy without asking
                 your professor? (Making a copy of a friend’s does not count as a correct


Part 3:
Examining the eBook

1. Click on the eBook symbol in the gray bar.

            a. What is the first thing you see?

2. Click on Chapter 2.

            a. How many sections are in this chapter?   __________

3. Click on “The Search for Martian Life”.

4. Scroll through the section until you locate the five characteristics of life. Highlight these characteristics by scrolling over the text.

     a. What colors can be used to highlight?

     b. Can you add notes in your eBook?  Briefly explain how you could do this.

5. Click “Home”.

    a. Besides the chapter sections, what other materials are available in this chapter?

    b. What is the correct answer to Question #9 in “Test Your Knowledge”?    _____________

6. Return to your eBook home page. Scroll down and open the section labeled “Backmatter”.

            a. What two things appear in this section?


            b. Open the Glossary – Write the definition for “cerebrum” below.

Part 4:  LaunchPad Resources

Click Home and then click on the Home symbol in the gray bar at the side of the page.  Open Chapter 18

1. Click on Learning Curve.

            a. Briefly explain what Learning Curve is.

            b. How many sections are in this chapter?   ___________

            c. What is the target score?   ___________

            d. What happens when you reach the target score?


2. Return to the home page for LaunchPad. Open Chapter 4. Nutrition, Metabolism, Enzymes. Click on Flashcards.

            a. What are the three options for using your flash cards?




            b. Look at the cards in both Stack Mode and Table Mode. Which format would be more useful for you?

            c. How many terms are emphasized in Chapter 4? _______

            d. Is this a study tool that would be helpful for you? Explain.

3. Return to the home page for LaunchPad.

   Click on the Resources button in the gray bar. Click on “Content by Chapter” then click on “Chapter 5 Energy Flow and Photosynthesis”

   In the Resources box that opens click on Animation  5.8 Make sure your sound is on. Listen to the Infographic and complete the activity.  

            a. Red light has a _______________________ wavelength and __________________energy.

            b. Is this a study tool that would be helpful for you? Explain.

Part 5:  The
Carthage Connection

This LaunchPad website has been specifically designed for Biology 1010 at Carthage College. If you were to attend another college or
university using the same text, the main screen would show links to each chapter and all materials would be located within a chapter. In the Carthage
Bio1010 LaunchPad the main screen is arranged by topics and follows the weeks within the semester.

1. Look at the first bar under the word “Assignments”. This is a topic header.

            a. What button is on the right side of the bar?   __________________________

    Click to open the topic header.

            b. Will you find assignments within the topic headers?    __________________

    Notice the sections below the topic header have arrows in front of them. The arrow indicates that assignments are in these sections.

   Open “Topic 1: Chemistry Basics (Week 2)”

            c. What is the first listing that has a “To Do” button which indicates this is an assignment to be completed?

2. Scroll down the main page and look at each of the 8 topics.

            a. Two sections show up at the end of every topic section. What are they?


3. After exploring Launchpad, list at least three items that you feel will be helpful to you throughout the semester. Tell why you feel each of these will help you.

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