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Emily Monteiro

Emily Monteiro


Emily Janda Monteiro

Department: English

School: Blinn College

Product: Launchpad with Everything’s an Argument

How do you use LaunchPad?  I utilize Learning Curves, Respond writing assignments, and additional readings outside of the classroom. I also use the LP links to web examples provided in our Everything’s an Argument textbook to flesh out our lessons.  I also offer extra credit towards the end of the semester in the form of additional learning curves on Grammar skills. I really appreciate the adaptability to set assignments for individual students, as well as the email reminders I can set up for students occasionally (for the first assignment as well as the week after spring break).

Advice on Using Technology with Students:  Be very explicit with directions, and do not assume they know how to use the internet, software, or computer based items. They are fabulous with their phones, but need help understanding how to navigate AND how to translate data from one system to another; for example, reminding them that hyperlinks are not titles and often ‘break.’ Many LP assignments ask students to find pictures/pages outside of LP, and I have extended the directions to include time accessed, a brief title and description of item and location, AND hyperlink to the item. In regards to explicit directions, I often model an assignment in the classroom at the beginning of the semester, and have integrated PDFs of many of the LP help files on my LMS, so that I can direct students to a specific link and file, as well as say “go look at the help-files regarding how to ______.”

Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L

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