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Brenda Leady

Brenda Leady

brenda-leady-fc-community-headshot.jpgBrenda Leady

Department: Biological Sciences

School: University of Toledo (OH)

Product: LaunchPad for How Life Works (Morris, et al.)

How do you use LaunchPad? I use LaunchPad for pre-lecture preparedness. These are straightforward questions that are not conceptually difficult. I cover only problem areas in lecture. I also use it for post-lecture/pre-exam homework. I want them to work with more difficult questions that are more like exam questions.

Advice on using technology with students: It will fail. It's OK. Don't get stressed. If you have to drop one assignment out of the term because something went wrong (your fault or not), it's not the end of the world. It happens to everyone whether they admit it or not.

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Blackboard

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