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Benjamin White

Benjamin White


Benjamin M. White

Department: Social Sciences

School:  Blinn College (TX)

Product: LaunchPad for Greenberg's Social Psychology and LaunchPad for Schacter's Psychology and LaunchPad for Kolb's Introduction to Brain and Behavior

How do you useLaunchPad? I utilize LaunchPad for three purposes: to help prepare students for lecture and discussion in class; to keep them engaging with the material between classes; and to help them self-assess their knowledge before an exam. I mainly teach traditional courses and use LaunchPad as a way for students to test their knowledge and receive feedback in a timely manner so they can better learn to prepare for exams in my class and build better study habits across the board.

Advice on using technology with students: Despite having some of the latest technology, some students may be shy about accessing and using various new features and products. The best advice I can give is to show the students exactly how and why the technology will directly benefit them. If they can see the value in the technology, they are more likely to embrace it and use it to scaffold their learning experience in the classroom.

Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L

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