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Antonia Henderson

Antonia Henderson


Antonia J.Z. Henderson, Ph.D.

Department:  Department of Psychology

School:  Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Product:  LaunchPad for Myers, Psychology, 11e; LaunchPad for Comer and Fundamentals of Abnormal Behavior, 8e

How do you use LaunchPad?  I encourage students to actively question assertions about behavior and mental processes and the existing paradigms of psychology, as well as their own personal assumptions, based on a firm grounding of scientific principles. LaunchPad's interactive platform gives me a wealth of materials to accomplish this goal. All of my courses are Mixed Mode - 50% in the classroom and 50% online, and all online activities happen through LaunchPad. I use a full range of activities including "Learning Curves", "How Would You Know", "Concept Practice", and "Video Activities". I also use LaunchPad as a base to link students to resources outside of LaunchPad such as TED Talks, CBC podcasts, Scientific American Mind readings and so on. The possibilities are limitless!

Advice on using technology with students: I train my students from day 1 to make use of LaunchPad's great tech support team. I make the tech support phone number visible everywhere I can think of and include this preamble in my syllabus:  "Unlike courses you have taken in the past where texts, supplementary reading, handouts and other study materials are provided, here you will be accessing these materials and completing assigned activities on your own. This model of learning is challenging. Sometimes a "click" does not produce the desired result. SH#$$@$^&&*%T happens. However, this too is part of your learning. Just as the working world challenges us to do our own problem solving and not run to our employer whenever the photocopier malfunctions, so too in this online environment, you will be required to solve the inevitable glitches of technology. Fortunately, LaunchPad comes with a tremendous support team who are there to help you at almost any hour. Use them."

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