What's New in Achieve for Spring 2024

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Achieve continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of the educational community and enrich your teaching and learning journey. New enhancements to Achieve for Spring 2024 are designed to maximize value, augment support, and streamline processes, bringing a new level of efficiency to the platform. 

Below are a few of the features you can look forward to using the next time you teach with Achieve. 

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Meet accessibility needs through continuous improvements 

Macmillan Learning’s commitment to inclusivity and equal learning opportunities shines through continuous accessibility improvements. Recent enhancements—including updates to Writing Tools, the Suggested Search feature, radio buttons, drop-down or collapsable menus, and PDF downloads—ensure all parts of Achieve are compatible with assistive technology and accessible to all learners.



Dive deeper into each student’s performance

Gain a comprehensive overview of each student's performance with Achieve’s new Individual Student Gradebook View. It provides a snapshot of a student's progress across all assignments, scores, due dates, and completion dates, proving invaluable for office hours, post-class discussions, or determining the need for additional support.


Get help where you need it most

Providing both self-service and live agent assistance, Millie the Help Chatbot offers just-in-time support for you and your students within Achieve.  Find Millie at the ready through the chat icon or the “Chat With Us” option in Achieve’s Help Center. From getting started to learning how to use Achieve’s wealth of resources, Millie is here to make your Achieve journey smoother.