WEBINAR: Promoting Critical Thinking Through Active Learning

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2022-ml-achieve-webinar-email-footer-promoting-critical-thinking.pngPromoting Critical Thinking Through Active Learning   
Sept. 29 @ 2PM ET

Research has consistently shown that active learning strategies require students to use and even develop higher-order thinking skills. Bringing active learning into the classroom can have many benefits, including the ability to help students build and reinforce critical thinking skills. Join the Macmillan Learning team and a panel of active learning experts for a conversation about using active learning strategies to help students analyze information and creatively solve problems. 

What You’ll Take Away: 
An understanding of how active learning differs from passive learning; an overview of the cognitive skills that active learning can help students develop and practice; ideas for active learning strategies that you can use in your courses that can help support the development of long-term critical thinking skills.

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