WEBINAR: In the Driver’s Seat: Preparing Students for AI-Enhanced Workplaces

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In the Driver’s Seat: Preparing Students for AI-Enhanced Workplaces: Thursday, November 16 at 12pm CT

Presented By Lisa Blue, Tim Klein, and Vaughn Scribner

A compelling webinar, "In the Driver's Seat: Preparing Students for AI-Enhanced Workplaces," was conducted, featuring a panel of educators and experts discussing how the age of AI will impact work and the ways in which we prepare students for it. Watch the recording for an insightful discussion about the evolving landscape of AI and its profound impact on student readiness for the workforce.

What Was Covered

  • Insights into how both educators and employers were integrating AI technologies into learning and work environments were gained.
  • Key skills and knowledge areas that students needed to flourish in AI-enhanced workplaces were identified.
  • Best practices and insights from thought leaders aiding students and educators in preparing for an evolving future were discovered.

Resources shared during webinar:

A study to know
AI newsletters
People to follow on LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • Ethan Mollick
  • Dan Fitzpatrick
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