WEBINAR: Fighting Fire with Fire: Navigating Student AI Use with AI-Enriched Assessments

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Fighting Fire with Fire: Navigating Student AI Use with AI-Enriched Assignments and Assessments: Friday, February 16 at 12pm ET

Presented by Solina Lindahl and Scott Cohn

Join us for an informative and hands-on virtual workshop where instructors will develop three pedagogical strategies for using generative AI to tackle three of the most pressing concerns that have arisen due to the wide availability of generative AI software: directing and encouraging responsible student use to meet specific learning outcomes; constructing and evaluating assignments that intelligently incorporate generative AI, and assessing student knowledge in the age of gen AI. Led by experienced educators, you will have the opportunity to learn from peers and practice developing class activities that help you use artificial intelligence to not only mitigate cheating, but also foster deeper student learning and engagement.

What You’ll Take Away:

  • A better understanding of how to utilize generative AI in the classroom to address common concerns and improve student learning.
  • Three pedagogical strategies that can be implemented immediately, as well as practical ideas for incorporating generative AI into assignments and assessments.
  • Inspiration to explore new ways of using technology for educational purposes.