VIDEO: Creating Connections: Academic Integrity

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What does Academic Integrity mean? What steps can we take, as educators, to support students before and during learning to help promote academic integrity in their daily practice? At Macmillan, we acknowledge that cheating happens, but we also know it’s often because students are strapped for time, feel under-prepared, or otherwise feel out of options. We want to help. Whether it’s providing students with low or no-stakes opportunities to engage with course content or offering them a chance to do some self-reflection, our teams aim to give students plenty of opportunities to develop intrinsic motivation. Because our research shows intrinsic motivation promotes the autonomy of learning and that fosters true student success.

Listen to our product developers, researchers, engineers, and executives talk about why and how opportunities to develop intrinsic motivation are offered every step of the way.

Featured in this video:

  • Susan Winslow, Macmillan Learning CEO
  • Tim Flem, Senior Vice President, Product
  • Chris Paddock, Senior Director of User Experience
  • Marcy Baughman, Executive Director of Learning Science & Insights
  • Jason Walker, Director, Product
  • Jennifer Ferralli, Senior Director, Product
  • Steve Hill, Senior Vice President, Engineering