PRESENTATION: Goal-Setting & Reflection Surveys in Achieve

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Macmillan Employee
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In this Tech Ed Week presentation, Betsy Langness explores Goal-Setting and Reflection Surveys in Achieve in her courses at Jefferson Community & Technical College - Shelbyville. Jefferson is a big school with a diverse student body that has a high percentage of first-generation college students and Pell grant eligibility. After re-designing a "gateway course" (a course attended by many first-time students) to incorporate these Achieve tools, Professor Langness was able to assess how students were doing in the course and develop metacognition skills for her future students. In this presentation, learn more about how Achieve Goal-setting and reflection surveys provide data that inform and elevate student performance, and how this data can help you create a closer connection with each of your students so that everyone is given the opportunity to excel. 

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